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Cold Canada


Cold Canada depicts a balanced perspective of the statuesque Canadian mountains and the iconic waves that can only be found where few surfers venture.  Canada has thousands of miles of coastline, which equates to thousands of miles of cold, solitary waves. In Cold Canada, the wave is is painted in strong, saturated colors that diminish into the landscape, representing a surfer's oneness with the wave amid the vast landscape.
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Lisa said...

Your paintings are all amazing and beautiful. You are so extremely talented! I love the ocean and you capture it in so many ways.
The only thing I ever painted was the inside of a pool house and that was frustrating to not be able to express on the walls what the visual in my mind was--so I can really appreciate your work and talent. It blows me away! Thanks for sharing it!
If you are wondering who Lisa is...I'm Jen's cousin. =)

becs said...

This is the best one :)