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Carlsbad, CA, United States

Coral Reflection


Coral Reflection is a crisp, clean wave painting with translucent water revealing the shallow reef below the water.  Many exotic waves break in shallow water.  The shallow depth of water makes the wave break with more force causing it to barrel creating an amazing ride, and perfect subject to paint.  This is a nicely balanced view of the coral reef, perfectly barreling wave, framed in by the rich blue, cloud scattered sky.
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Jennifer said...

My new favorite - you rock!

brittany and tristan said...

Hey! Kristi told me about you and i wanted to see what you're all about. How much do your paintings normally sell for? Im from Carlsbad but going to school in Utah, so we'd have to arrange something. This one is my favorite, love your work.

patrick sattley said...

Hi Brittany, This is one of the newer ones. If your a friend of Kristi and Lance your a friend of me and Jen. Email me and I have a few options for you for this painting.